Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Half Year Marlee!

Marlee is now officially half a year old!
I cannot even believe that she is six months and full of so much personality.
She is practically like a real person.
Just much smaller.

Considering the massive snow storm we are in right now, I am grateful we were able to make it to her doctors appointment yesterday. My husband and mother are both really sick with the flu so I was happy to get out of the infected house a little. Marlee behaved wonderfully and only cried for about 2 seconds when she received her vaccination. Her whole thigh is red though - such a brave babe.

Now for the bad news. She has lost a little bit of weight. Nothing to be alarmed about but I am shocked. Literally shocked. This little girl loves to eat. Pretty much anything I give her, she will eat it. I gave her white bread the other day just to see if she would eat it and yep, she did. We increased her bottles to 8 oz bottles a couple weeks ago and she eats 3-4 jars of food a day. The doctor said that it can happen once she starts to crawl but since she is not crawling just yet, (literally any minute now) he wants to see her back in a couple of months to recheck. I am kinda bummed. I was always so worried when I was breastfeeding about her weight gain and haven't thought twice about it since she is now on formula. Ugh. So the doctors want to increase her solid intake and try to give her more cereal and oatmeal type foods. He is going to see us again in two months for a reweigh. She did grow an inch and a half though so I am hoping he takes that into account! She is really tall for her age and I am baffled how that is even happening.

So we had a little banana ice cream tonight. It is just frozen bananas in the food processor but its delish! And I like sharing my food with Marlee while we watch movies together. Like our own little girls night.

As I stated, Marlee has not quite taken off yet in the crawling department but if she wants to get somewhere, she does. She will either roll or scoot or lunge her way in the direction that she wants to go. Nothing is safe at this point. Baby jail might be an option soon.

One new trick this month is that she is starting to form syllables. I mean syllables other then 'goo' and 'baa'. She has been spouting off at the mouth with that for a while. She is starting to do more 'ma' and 'da' and I swear she says 'hey' and 'yay' every now and then. She actually yelled 'yay' as soon as we entered church on Sunday. I wouldn't lie about church! She never repeats anything though so it is hard to say that she really 'says' anything. Maybe she will crawl and say 'mama' all in the same day.
On my day off.
When I have my camera ready.

Overall, she is great and I am just tickled that she is mine. I honestly could not believe that being a mom could be this easily rewarding. I mean the kid does nothing but poop and drool and scream all day long.
And I love it. And love her. And love my little family.

This is her saying she was done with this photoshoot.

And this is her saying 'Get well soon Grandma! I can't wait to see you!'.

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