Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When Did This Happen?

This will most likely be the last post of the year and such a wonderful year it has been! I really did not think 2012 could be topped (graduation, licensure, wedding, first nursing job!) but with the birth of Marlee and the happiness involved with being a wife and mother, 2013 sure did come pretty darn close. It is hard to even imagine what 2014 will bring.
I was stopped in my tracks the other day when I walked into the kitchen and glanced over at my living room - or what I used to call my living room.
It has literally been turned into this obstacle course of blankets and jumpers and chew toys and binkies and play mats. I could not help but think:
When did this happen?
Playmat Playland
And then I was looking at pictures of Christmas and there is my happy little babe, sitting up and loving all the attention.
When did she become such a ham!?

We also started feeding her three 'meals' a day and she is loving it. Oatmeal did not go over very well but she loved the bananas. We did banana oatmeal yesterday and she opened her mouth to every spoonful. Of course, she wanted to take the spoon from me and feed herself being the little Miss Independent she is.
When did she become such a big girl?

Marlee has been on the move for quite a while now but she is almost to the point that I might need to start blocking her into certain areas. Aside from the massive amount of dog hair she accumulates on her slobbery face from the carpet, she is so nosey and wants to know what everything is... and what it tastes like.  
When did she become so fast and curious?

She even reads!

Ha! Just kidding. She apparently really liked this folder and wanted to look at it really close.

One thing is certain, she is still my baby girl. She can laugh, play, eat, be curious, and even read whatever she wants, but when she wants to be loved on, I will be there with open arms.  
Even if I am pretty sure that I enjoy this as much, if not more, then she does. 

Now to finish up New Years Eve dinner with the hubby and have some Wii action fun with Isaac before watching the ball drop.
Thanks to everyone that read the blog and enjoy watching my adventures with Marlee. I really love sharing these moments with family, friends, and fellow bloggers! 
Happy New Year everyone! 
May 2014 be the best year yet!

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