Monday, December 9, 2013


Marlee was baptized yesterday at St. James Church in front of lots of friends and family! It was a wonderful day and Marlee looked like a little angel.  I wanted to share a couple more pictures from the day.

Big dresses make her tired.

 Godmother and babe

 Mom did a little photo bombing. Haha!

Congrats my baby girl!

 Fixing her dress

Godparents - Cousin Michael and sister Toni

The blessing

"Hey! What is going on here!"

All of our faces are clueless but it is a good one with the priest in there too.

The Godfather, Nick, and Marlee

Daddy and baby - love this one.

Marlee being a squirmy babe.

It was a beautiful day and Marlee did better than expected. She was a little talkative during the end but I think she liked all the singing and people at church. Nick and I were so proud to have Marlee join in the faith of the Catholic church and start her journey with God. 

And I know mom likes videos and Marlee was all about her jumper today so a little bonus for this post!

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