Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have been doing some serious slacking with the blog this past week but with the weather change brings sickness. Another thing I dislike about this winter season - as if I needed anymore reasons. Nicholas, Marlee, and I have all had a case of the sniffles and if you think my blogging has been slacking, you should see my house.
Disaster area.

With breastfeeding, I decided to take the suffering route and be medication free, take my vitamins, and drink lots of fluids. Great for Marlee. Not so great for me. Or my husband who has to deal with me. Or the whiny version of me. Besides feeding like crazy, I do not think Marlee even knows she is sick. She just has these big puffy eyes and a runny nose. Sad but cute at the same time. She has still been laughing and smiling every chance she gets. She does not understand that it is not socially acceptable to have snot dripping down her face so she could care less of the extra foreign liquid. She is already a serious drooler so mine as well add to the mess. I still kiss her every chance I get.
Kisses and laughter are the best medicine.

My happy little peanut.
Monday was Nick's birthday and next Monday is Isaac's so holiday season is in full swing! As Isaac gets older, the birthdays get less fun. Not that the opening of the gifts get any less exciting, but the gifts in general do. My big sports guy wants basketball shoes, and sports bags, and those silly socks that all the kids are wearing.
Nike Elite socks.
16 Bucks a Pair and Incredibly Ugly socks.
His face lit up when we gave him the new shoes though and that was pretty exciting. I should enjoy the $16 socks because a $300 phone will probably be right around the corner.
Which brings me to another reason I dislike the winter/holiday season.
I think I will save my Ebenezer Scrooge talk for another day.

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