Sunday, November 24, 2013

Four Months Old!

Marlee has reached the four month old mark!

It is hard to believe that she has grown to be this little girl with so much personality already!


She is rolling over like a professional and actually prefers to be on her belly at this point. I check on her many times during the night because she sleeps so soundly. It almost drives me crazy but the extra sleep is amazing for Nick and I. And a well rested baby always wakes up smiling.

Marlee has also been able to grab her feet this month which means it is all feet, all the time. She loves to put them in her mouth - along with everything else she can get her hands on. If it is in her grasp, she is putting it in her mouth. We are in no short supply of drool around the house.

She has also found her voice which just happens to be a high pitched scream. Her babbles have quickly turned into a very loud announcement of her presence. It is quite funny and sometimes we just scream back and forth at each other.

At her appointment for round two of vaccinations, she gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches. So she is at a heavy 14.5 lbs (75th percentile) and 25.5 inches long (90th percentile). Healthy and happy baby! She even showed off for the doctor and rolled over. Then the needles came out and all the happiness was gone. Three more shots for my little chunker. I was impressed though because I was able to get a smile before leaving for work. It made me feel a little better about leaving her when she did not feel well. And daddy is always good at loving on her when I am away.

We have also reached the 4 month mark on feeding which really makes me feel super. Especially with seeing how healthy and active she is. I know it is not all the breast milk but it definitely is the best thing for her and I am proud to have a breast-fed babe. I am just so smitten with my little nugget and how quick she is learning!
I am so excited to share her with everyone at Thanksgiving. 

Now to enjoy some German Chili and wait for The Walking Dead!

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