Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bye Christmas

This will most likely not be my only Christmas post.
And for you cheerful Christmas people, just stop reading now.
I warned you.

I am not a fan of Christmas. I do not know when my feelings about Christmas changed because I remember Christmas morning as a child full of happiness, family, and presents. I remember presents galore under the tree and Dad dressing up as Santa and everyone coming together at Grandmas house.
Now not so much. I despise Christmas. I have felt this way since high school. It is my least favorite time of year. The cold weather. The shopping. The stress. The traveling here and there.

This thing!
elf on the shelf
I like cutting down the Christmas tree.
Cutting down a living thing. That is what I like about Christmas.
I like cookies too. I do not think that is really a Christmas thing though. I like cookies at all times of the year.
Let's focus this anti-Christmas post on presents. We give presents to remind us of the presents given to Jesus right? It was his birthday so the three wise men brought presents to the newborn babe. I do not recall Jesus receiving a new i-phone but I guess Myrrh was probably the equivalent at the time.
So Santa brings the 'good' boys and girls presents which instantly reminds them of the true meaning behind Christmas. That is assuming 'Santa' brought the right gifts. What if Sally did not get the new Ugg boots she wanted? Is it because she was bad that year? Or because Santa had a mix up at the factory? Either way, Sally is not happy with this outcome and will mostly likely go on to be a serial killer.
Or we can go the other route. Sally received everything she could ever want for Christmas. She is so excited and keeps thanking dear old Santa Claus for being an amazingly rich old man. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are exhausted from working overtime and deep down would really appreciate a 'thank you' thrown at them too. Why does Santa get all the credit? I do not like this Santa character.
So I proposed the idea of not introducing Santa to Marlee. I would like Marlee to appreciate how hard her parents work and to be thankful for everything she has. Nicholas is not all in for this idea.
I really only have two worries.
1. She is going to tell her friends, once she is old enough to attend school, that Santa is not real. I can only imagine the phone calls I would be receiving on that day. Children can be sensitive over Santa.
2. Her older brother. I really think Isaac knows Santa does not exist. I mean he is nine! When do kids stop believing?  When can we stop these Santa shenanigans? I do not want to continue with Santa but I certainly do not want to be the one to let the cat out of the bag.
So I am kinda stuck in this limbo of what to do.

And of course there is this..
Black Friday Stampede
Black Friday shopping.
Where the true meaning of Christmas really shines.
I have never gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving so really do not see the appeal in getting trampled on and possibly shanked over a Tickle Me Elmo but people are crazy about it! I have never been that excited over a sale in my life. Or anything in my life for that matter. People literally have died on Black Friday. People die!
Instead of just ranting over Christmas, I have developed a solution.
Everyone just go buy themselves something nice.
Children can do chores for whatever they want.
Just one thing. Don't be greedy.
And then we all eat cookies.
Problem solved.

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