Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday

Marlee is not the only impressing one in the household this week.

I have hit a huge point in my weight loss goals and am officially down 30 lbs since Marlee was born. 

Look at that line go down, down, down!

I am feeling great and even more motivated then ever before. Nicholas and I finally moved the treadmill in the house so I am amping up my workouts to reach my goals even faster. Of course this means walking a little everyday but even walking is better then nothing! And I am in no shape to run just yet - but I will get there. 

I have twenty more pound to go to be at a happy and healthy weight. Add an additional five to that and I will be right where I was before the Marlee conception! If I continue to lose 1 lb a week, my goal will be reached by the end of March which is right around the corner (kinda). 

Hoping this motivation stay around. 

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