Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

I love October.
I am pretty sure I have stated this a couple times before.
I love going to pick out pumpkins and go on adventures to different pumpkin patches and having a great time with the family.
Two years ago we went to Nickajack Farms with a couple friends that are now super lame, last year we went to Maize Valley where they shot pumpkins out of cannons, and this year we decided to check out Kingsway Pumpkin Farm with our dearest friends Ben, Emily, and the kiddos.

I dressed Marlee all up and had this fabulous vision of finally getting some family pictures and then going to buy frames and placing them loving in my home etc etc. And then we would pick out pumpkins and laugh and go thru the maze and drink hot chocolate!
None of those things happened. It rained. I mean poured. We stood in the barn and looked at the barn kitties and talked about how wet it was. Then we ran to pick out a pumpkin and decided the rain was not stopping and should probably head home. I did let the little ones do the zip line thing a couple times and go down the slide once. They were drenched. Just soaked. All the way down to their socks. We then packed up and left.
Not exactly how I saw it going. Damn rain.
I did get to see some lady really bite it in the mud. I should not have laughed as hard as I did but it was freaking hilarious. I mean she rolled and did not even try to stop herself.
Evil maybe. Funny definite yes.
So these were the only pictures I took from the day. 
Not pumpkin related. Just the normal Marlee photo shoot. That face though makes me laugh pretty hard though.
So I will have to wait for the pumpkin carving day to get any pumpkin related pictures. Stay tuned for that madness.

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