Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Motivation in the Form of a Haircut

I finally did it! Chopped all my hair off and I seriously cannot be happier with the results.

I feel new! And fresh! And motivated!

Motivated to be more motivated. Motivated to do the things I love to do! Motivated to go running and loose this baby weight. Motivated to make dinner for my husband because I really do love to try new recipes (even if he is brutally honest at times). Motivated to do some laundry (not because I want to but because it really, really, really needs done).

I was even motivated to get out of sweats and put on something pretty! And put on makeup! 

Motivation from a haircut? I do think it was some kind of beautician hookus pookus.  

I did not measure how much was cut but it was long enough to donate which was an added bonus.

No more grabbing my hair for Marlee!

Speaking of my little peanut, she has a new favorite toy!

She loves her little jumper! She can jump and swing and drool and kick her little feet as much as her little heart desires. This is usually my coffee time.

Other exciting news is that I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by my blogger friend +Lauren! I have plans to complete a post and nominate others as soon as I get a little more time. My break is over though so I should probably get back to work!

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