Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Marlee the Magician

Just another typical day.
Nick just got home.
I had to go to work.
Then it happened.
Marlee rolled over!
And NO ONE saw it!
It was like magic.
I was in the basement getting my clothes out of the dryer. Nick was standing right next to Marlee winding up the mantle clock.
Yes, Marlee has a huge milestone and Nick was winding the mantle clock.
This is humorous to me. Only fancy people have mantle clocks and actually wind them.
This was Marlee before I went to the basement - for literally TWO seconds.

She was being all strong and cute. Apparently, she had her Wheaties this morning.
(Do they even make those anymore?)

Then Nick yells for me and I come upstairs and he is staring at Marlee on her back. Half on, half off her little play mat. Looking like an earthquake just happened and she was exhausted from all the trauma it caused. Nick said "She rolled over."
No! No she did not! I am not prepared for this type of movement! I need to scrub the carpet! And remove all pointy objects from the living room! And place plastic things in the outlets!
Ekkk! My baby girl! Rolling!
So I placed her back onto her belly and watched.
And watched.
And checked the clock.
And watched some more.
She did not feel the need to duplicate the moment that both of her parents missed.
One roll was her maximum for the day because even after I was at work, Nick said she did no rolling.
She gets the stubbornness from her Aunts. Not sure which one. Possibly all of them.
That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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