Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Marlee is Three Months Old


Marlee is three months old today!

Our usually photo shoot did not go quite as planned. She was more interested in everything else but taking pictures. I have to say that she is still cute - even when distracted.

As you already know, Marlee is rolling over from her belly to her back and I was finally able to witness it with my own eyes. I almost cried. Motherhood has made me sappy. It was just so darn cute. And she is getting so big!

She loves her play mat and tries her hardest to slap at the toys hanging above her. 

She also loves her crib. I do not know what it is about her crib but she laughs and smiles and 'talks' the most when she is laying in her room. Always brightening my day right from the start. 

She is cooing everyday and I love to hear the different noises that she makes. I could have conversations all day long saying nothing but coo and goo. 

Feedings are amazingly smooth! I am so happy with how far we have come. I wanted to throw in the towel so many times in the beginning but now we have our method down pack. I truly enjoy having Marlee nuzzled against me and bonding with her. Now if I can just keep her focused sometimes...

Now on to every ones favorite part - pictures!

Marlee looking at the dog. Silly puppy.

Marlee looking at her feet. 

Marlee eating her fingers and flashing the paparazzi. 

And Marlee just being freaking adorable. 

And this may or may not have happened. Mom with binky. Baby looking like cyclops. Ha!

Feeling so blessed today with a happy, healthy, three month old Marlee!

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