Friday, October 11, 2013

Marlee, the Grouchy Mouse

I thought my big news of the week was the fact that I am down another 1.2lbs but instead, Marlee gave me the birthday present of a full night of sleep. That's right, she slept an entire seven straight hours!

I woke up feeling like this.

This was a nice surprise since she was such a pistol yesterday. A complete grump on her mothers bday - not cool. 
Marlee, the grouchy mouse
I was so excited to see Nick when he arrived home. My shoulders were killing me from carrying her around all day. He even arrived with flowers which instantly brightened my day. He once told me that every girl deserves flowers on her birthday and he has yet to disappoint. 
He can be a charmer every now and then. 

So after a nice long walk with Nick, we headed out to eat.

We just went to get wings at Bdubs since we had Isaac and, well, I love wings, beer, and sports. As soon as I walked in I thought that it was loud as hell in there! It was a blessing in disguise though because Marlee continued her grumpy mood. She screamed and fussed and whined the entire time. I felt awful. I was sad for Marlee and sad for the people trying to enjoy their dinner around us. I tried feeding her, rocking her, changing her - nothing was working. She was just not a happy camper. I could not get out of there fast enough. Nick thinks I get all excited for no reason and I admit, I get so flustered when she cries around other people. Even family. I hate it. I always feel like I should be able to make her happy. I am her mom after all! Unfortunately, like Nick said, it happens. Babies cry. Even in public. And I am sure this will not be the last time. 

Side note, does anyone watch Parenthood? The couple with the newborn - yea, almost too real to watch sometimes. Ugh. 

Marlee woke up smiling and laughing this morning. I am even enjoying a cup of coffee while she naps. My friend Emmy is bringing over pizza for lunch and then it is adult nap time before work. Not a bad start to my Friday!

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