Monday, October 7, 2013

Blog or Take a Shower?

This has honestly been my dilemma ever since Marlee was born. Sometimes it is 'pumping or blog?' or 'make coffee or blog?' or 'brush my hair or blog?' but this week, everything else wins over blogging.
Everything but the hair brushing.
Confession: I rarely brush my hair. It is not even a necessity at this point.

I digress.
Considering I have very few minutes of free time at this point, I give you...
My week in pictures.

Marlee was a pumpkin

Marlee is grabbing things with more accuracy!

Marlee sleeps while daddy does fantasy football.

I wanna start this Fall Checklist!

Marlee watches Doc Mcstuffins - She is a toy doctor!

Marlee wears fancy pants with matching headbands.

My paper mache pumpkin turned out pretty good!

Marlee was a skeleton.
Cute even upside down!

Who me?!

We made pepper butter. Yum!

Marlee was Minnie Mouse.

My sister and I celebrated birthdays with ice cream!
Diet friendly, of course.

And Marlee was all smiles with cousin Brit and her awesome MJ slippers!

That is all I have for now. I promise to have something with a little more content next time!

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