Monday, September 30, 2013

Tomorrow is October!

I love fall. 
And October.
And Halloween.
Love. Love. Love.

After having a Pumpkin Pie Latte with Anna Banana, Marlee and I headed to the store for some crafting supplies. I try to do a craft every year with Isaac and he loves to look back at all the old crafts from previous years. I already knew what I wanted to do but figured I would look around and see if I needed any other fall inspired decorations. 

Latte? Yes please!
I started with paper mache pumpkins because I wanted to do a trial run. I haven't done paper mache... well ever. And with Isaac coming over this weekend, I knew I should probably figure it out or he would loose interest really quick. My 'pumpkin' is still drying and I completed it five hours ago... 

We will see how that turns out...

I also did a festive little arrangement for the table.


 Marlee finally woke up from her nap and with the help of Nick, I figured I would do a craft involving her cute little hands and feet. In my mind, this was going to be cute and easy and quick. Well I will let the pictures tell how things really were...

Started with her feet...
Wait a second.. how did that get there?!?
 And now the hands... after we became more laundry friendly.

 And I don't even know how we ended up here...

This craft lead right to the bathtub!

I was really happy how it turned out though! I need ribbon to tie them together and hang it but the hard part is definitely behind us.

Now on to the fall baking and pumpkin picking and fall beer drinking!