Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

The family and I had a great weekend of end of summer fun.

Just typing 'end of summer' makes me wanna cry.

Saturday we cheered the Ohio State Buckeyes onto a victory and we spent some time with friends. Marlee met my bestie Kelly for the first time and we were able to catch up a bit.
(When are you moving back btw?)

Note to self: Don't stand next to Kelly. She can make a supermodel look like a house.
Just kidding Kel. You look great - as usual.

Sunday we went to the Tozzi's and Marlee was put on a wait list for being held. Next time we are going to take a timer so everyone gets a turn. Needless to say, she enjoyed all the extra loving. Baby girl loves to be held.

Today we went to Gma Wanda's for time with my side of the family. Once again she was passed around and loved on some more.

In that last picture, she wanted some coffee - just like her mom.

Marlee also scratched herself this weekend and officially had her first boo-boo. It didn't seem to bother her very much but as soon as I got home, I knew I had to suck it up and clip her teeny tiny claws to prevent further injury.

And of course I clipped the end of her finger. 
It seriously bleed for five seconds and she cried for even less then that.
I cried for about ten minutes and you would have thought she was bleeding out from my reaction. 

So scratch away Marlee. I will never clip your fingernails again.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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