Monday, September 30, 2013

First Round of Vaccinations

Vaccinations have begun!
And while I was able to be completely unaware of the Hep B shot that my baby girl received after she was born, I was right there in the middle of the action as Marlee received three huge needles to her chunky little thighs this afternoon. 
She wailed like I have never seen. And while I always thought my little girl was strong, she just about won the fight against the nurse and kicked those needles across the room.
I do not blame her - needles are not my forte either.
Much rather give them then receive them!

Confession time - I teared up. Just a little. It started with that tingly feeling in my nose and then -bam- watery eyes. I blame my husband. He made the comment that her cries were 'pain cries' instead of 'hungry cries' or 'tired cries' and I have never heard this type of cry before. It hurt my insides. The poor placement of the bandaid did not help either because as I scooped my nugget up to calm her, her blood was all over my arm.
Baby Marlee blood - On. My. Arm!

I had to work after so I couldn't even rock her to sleep tonight.
She did give me this smile before I left which made me know that she was going to be just fine with daddy.

Such a big, strong girl!
She is 12.3 lbs and 23 inches long which are both in the 75% percentile so she is very proportional!
No appointment for another two months which is great so she has time to recover till the next shots. 

Or maybe I need the time to recover...

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