Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cleveland Indians Game

My whole goal for today was to sleep in extra late and catch up on the sleep I have missed in the last couple of days..
Marlee had other plans. 
After a large blow out, I had to take apart her bassinet, hand scrub it, and hang it out on the line to dry. 
She is now being punished with a sleep sack. 

Pure torture. No leg holes for you Marlee!

Oh well, I have been wanting to post pictures from the Indians game we went to on Saturday.
Nick, Isaac, Marlee, and I took a family trip to Cleveland for dinner and the Indians (vs Mets) game and I seriously had such a great time! I forgot how much I enjoyed sporting events. The Indians won, we received a free Bourn jersey, and even snacked on free popcorn (thanks again Lise!). The fireworks were amazing (thanks Nick Swisher!) and by the end of the game, we were all exhausted. 

Pre-game shenanigans

Isaac was so excited!

This photo actually made the big screen at the game!!
Marlee's first Indians game!

This was about the time Isaac started to get bored. Eight year olds attention spans are only so long.
This little photo session kept him busy for a minute.


Family picture! Marlee just sleeping away.

Go Mets! Sike. You lost!
(He thinks Marlee is a Mets fan)

Perfect Saturday night. 
We took a risk taking Marlee out for so long considering she has been such a pistol lately but she is part of our family and I hate leaving her out of things. And these memories are something I will cherish forever. 

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