Monday, September 2, 2013

Bath Time!

I went a little crazy with the picture taking yesterday while baby girl was in the bathtub. She just loved every minute of it and so I let her soak her little worries away. And she sleeps amazing after a nice long bath so it was a win win for baby and me! 

I was also looking back at her first bath pictures and she has grown so much! 
My chunky little nugget has really filled out! 

She makes the funniest faces sometimes. I could seriously sit and laugh at her all day. 

We were also able to enjoy outside a little yesterday on my day off. 
See! Pissed off face for absolutely no reason. Apparently she did not want to be this close to the pepper plant. 

She was enjoying her daddy and the sun! 

She even rode Brusco backwards. My little daredevil. 

And now it's 2am and everyone is sleeping. I should be too but my body is always on a strange midnight schedule so it's hard to sleep thru the nights on my day off. Marlee will be waking up here soon anyways and after looking at these pictures, I am anxiously waiting for her to rise. Motherhood is strange like that. I spend half the time wanting her to nap and the other half waiting for her to rise. 

Until next time! Goodnight! 

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