Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pre-coffee Post

I am feeling a bit sleep deprived this morning so my thoughts might not flow together. Mostly because Marlee did not sleep well but I also have not had my morning coffee. Marlee requests breakfast though and does so in a very demanding way. So I post while I feed - multitasking momma. 

Feeding has still been difficult at times. I can see why people throw in the towel after a couple weeks. Don't get me wrong, I know how healthy and important breast feeding is and I'm not at the point of quitting, but it would be nice to have her latch without so much resistance. 

It doesn't help that poor baby has diaper rash and is as red and sensitive as can be. So feeding and diaper changes are both exhausting times for her and I. I read to try to keep it open to air as much as possible to help dry it up so here I am trying to feed with a naked babe, praying she doesn't pee on me. Far from the precious pictures of breast feeding I had in my head. 
Not real life.
Yea this generally never happens for us. 
But it gets done and Marlee seems happy about the final outcome. 

Ok enough of my bellyaching.  Marlee is already 9 days old! Where has the time gone!? She is already so expressive and is definitely a sassy babe. I literally just sit around and giggle at her all day. She makes me smile and I really can't imagine my life without her. Motherhood is exactly how I thought it would be - busy, messy, frustrating, and absolutely worthwhile. 

And lots of pictures have been taken! She has had lots of firsts this week.

Marlee's first bath
First ridiculous bow
First time in her swing - It almost ate her.
First time meeting Great-Grandma
First time going for a walk
First tummy time
First time swinging with Grandma
First time in a bar - haha
First time attending big brothers football practice

And of course just hanging out with mom and dad. 

Excited to see what week two has in store for us! 

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