Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It Does Get Easier!

Baby Marlee is three weeks old today! She is growing right before my eyes! I seriously just sit and stare at her for the majority of the day, soaking up every bit of her being little. And she loves my company as much as I love her. My husband keeps telling me to put her down but it's hard when she has such a sweet face!
Naked babe.
Things are getting easier and more routine around the house. Last night was a bit of an exception. Usually she falls right to sleep after feedings but decided she wanted to play instead - that and needing her diaper changed every hour. Breast milk is a natural laxative which means 83738743 diaper changes a day. Usually it is a feed, change, sleep cycle. Not last night. She wanted to stay up and play. Play is generally just her staring at the funny faces I make but she seems to enjoy it - even in the dark. So I thought this morning, she would be super tired and I could nap then. Marlee felt differently. She wanted more playtime. She wanted to stare out the window at the sunlight coming in. So I propped her up and we looked out the window. 

After deciding there was no way I was getting back to sleep, I placed Marlee in her swing and made some coffee. BAM. Sleeping Marlee. 

I really wish that swing had some kind of new music uploader... the same classical songs are being embedded into my brain.

Her appointment went wonderfully the other day. She gained 1.3 lbs which made me feel better about all the trouble we have been having with feeding - which has been getting easier! Not any less painful, but easier. She also grew 1/2 inch. The doctor said she is impressed with her advanced head control too! I was one proud momma :)

Overall Marlee is one happy babe!


  1. Arrrr gorgeous pics!! Enjoy every single second as they grow too quick x

    1. I am loving this time off with Marlee. She is getting so big!

  2. Oh love, I LOVE being able to read these blogs! I am so sad to be so far away and missing it, but you are doing WONDERFULLY without me! :) So proud of you, she is amazing! Keep the blogs coming, they are making it all the way to NC!

    1. Missing the hell out of you Kelly! Can't wait for you to meet her - you are going to just fall in love :)