Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Four Weeks Marlee!

Baby girl and I have made it to four weeks! She has been a bit of a pistol at night time lately so I gave her a nice warm bath tonight and she finally fell asleep. 

I think she out grew her first outfit. Tonight is the last night for these PJs. 

I started back to work last night and as mentally prepared as I thought I was, it hit me pretty hard once I left the house. Pregnancy and motherhood has made me sappy. I cried the entire way to work. I missed her something fierce. I couldn't stop thinking about her sweet face. And I couldn't get home fast enough. I snuggled with her all day today. She smelled like heaven. Nick did really well with her too at night, which will make my next night of work a bit easier. I won't have to worry as much about how the both of them are doing. It's a good thing I only work 3 nights a week. I'm not sure if I could do the regular five days a week shenanigans. 

Now after a rough start to the week, hubby and I are going to enjoy our time together and watch some Suits. Love, love, love some Harvey Specter! 

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