Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy Bee

Wow where does the time go! 

Marlee is two weeks old already and it seems like the time is just flying by. I really would like time to stop for a second so I can collect myself and really take it all in. I'm a mom! And I have a daughter! And she is pretty freaking awesome. I really didn't think I could be so in love. I feel really lucky to spend these last two weeks with her and I need to really enjoy these next couple weeks before I return to work. If only I could take her with me...

Today has been a great day. We both had a bath, I was able to brush my hair (always my daily goal), I did some laundry, ate lunch, and even have time to blog! This is a rarity so I am trying to take advantage. Marlee is napping peacefully. 

Yes she is on her belly... and no, I don't leave her unattended. She prefers this position! Who am I to deny her comfort? 

Still having the same problem since day one: breastfeeding. I have done so much research on breastfeeding between school and my own personal time but I don't recall ever reading about how difficult it can be! I mean we are constantly fighting with each other. Bonding? Yea we bond while crying with each other. And the pain! Ugh it is so painful! I do not recall reading anything about needing nips of steal. We did finally wean off the shield... which only happened after I lost it (I think it's in Brusco's belly), so that is a plus! Everyone says it gets easier. We will see. 

Oh good morning sleepy head! 

Besides the feedings, Marlee is a happy girl! She loves kisses and hanging out with her family. She has started to smile more regularly and is very alert when awake. She can even hold her head up on her own! We battled her first diaper rash which was more traumatizing for me then for her. All clear now and our days are generally uneventful which is fine with me! 

We have a doctors appointment on Friday to make sure she is gaining enough weight and all that jazz. 

Now back to playtime with MJ - she demands it!

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