Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Thoughts Saturday

Nicholas is having trouble sleeping this morning which is more then likely because he has been on midnights this week so his sleep schedule is all off. Of course, in my mind, he is having trouble sleeping because he is anxious about things. Which makes me anxious about things. And now my mind is going and I can seem to shut it off. So this post will have more random thoughts then is necessary for a 7am post should ever have. 

The usual thought I have lately is what Marlee is going to look like. I figured this is pretty common for pregnant ladies. I hope she has hair. Shallow I know but I want that beautiful, dark, Italian haired babe. I haven't had any heartburn though. Is that old wives tale even true? I will google that later. 

I painted my nails two days ago and they already look like crap but I'm too lazy to remove the nail polish so they will continue to look like trash. I painted my toe nails like two months ago and they look brand new. What gives? 

I always thought I wanted to be a dog if I could be any animal. Brusco pretty much has the life. Then Scuba Steve (or Raphael as Isaac is now calling him) came along and I'm starting to reconsider. This turtle does nothing but bask in the sun all day long. Sometimes he power swims but usually he just sits there. Waiting for this next feeding. I need some sun in my life. 
"Hello, I am zee laziest French turtle." 
Yes, Scuba Steve is French. 

I'm gonna make a pot of coffee. I need coffee. 

Pregnant girls in bikinis; is this a no-no? Too bad. I do not have any other types of swimsuits and as previously mentioned, I need some sun. 

I need to scrub my shower before I go into labor. 

I hate contractions. And by this I mean 'don't', 'can't', 'won't' etc. This must be a AP format thing. Thanks nursing school for ruining me. Sometimes I have to use them though. It seems unnatural  to write 'do not' especially when I don't (see!) talk like that. 

Candy Crush is the devil. Who would make such an addictive game?

I still do not want to give birth to this child. The actual labor part seems so much less fun then the pregnancy part. What happened to the stork bringing new babies? 

Marlee is up! 

Now I am hungry. I am thinking I will bribe Nick with coffee to make me some breakfast. I love breakfast. 

Sports bras are the bees knees. I should have been wearing them my entire pregnancy. 

The sisters (-1) are going swimming today! So I am justifying my lack of sleep on the fact that I need to get things packed. 

Hope everyone has a happy Saturday! 


  1. Not long to go and you will see your beautiful baby, you've got some very exciting times coming x

    1. Well here I am on my due date with not a single contraction. I have a feeling she is going to be as stubborn as her momma! haha Very exciting times coming for sure :)