Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Week and Counting

I can't help but look at this picture and question when my belly got so big! And how I don't fall over from the disproportionate weight!? Now I have a better understanding of the phrase 'ready to pop.' Yea, I would say I am right there. Marlee feels differently though. Still no contractions or even enough pressure to bring attention to. My happy little nugget is content on the inside.  

Doctors appointment on Tuesday went well. The doctor set a new record of a whole 4 minute long meeting. I guess that is the norm when nothing is really going on and we don't have any questions. My husband asked about the lack of excitement at the end of this pregnancy and the doctor said that it is pretty normal for a first time mother with no health issues. No contractions mean no baby just yet. Next week we discuss the possibility of being induced. I would really rather stay away from a pitocin induced labor but I don't want to cause any stress on the baby either during labor because of her size. Still hoping she is not 9 pounds...

Appointment Summary
Blood Pressure: 117/74
Weight gain: 1 lb
Uterus Height: 39 cm
Marlee's Heartbeat: 151 BPM
Goals: Not to go into labor at work

 Nick continues to try to talk Marlee into making an appearance this week. For one, he is on midnights this week and would get out of work for a couple days. For two, the Hough side of the family made a betting board for Marlee's due date and he wins between now and noon on the 12th. An outstanding 21 dollars! I told everyone that she is going to be late but few listened. Here is a little preview of the board:
I am down for July 21st - PM.
Still not sure if I pick the day to be induced or the doctor does...
Either way, here I am at 39 weeks and waiting for the next move. Marlee is going to be here so soon!

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