Friday, July 26, 2013

Marlee has Arrived!

After a much anticipated arrival, Marlee Josephine was born on Tuesday morning at 6:57am. She weighed 7 lbs and was 19 1/2 inches long. Perfect in every way. 

We were to be induced on Monday at 7:30am so we started the day with breakfast at Lindsay's. I was going to eat light but I can never turn down a pancake - or three! 

Daddy to be! 

Then off to the hospital! My last belly photo of my wonderful pregnancy was very bittersweet. 
Now I know that picking out a hospital outfit is dumb. I was in this for about 4 seconds till they made me switch to a hospital gown. 

Then the process started. Surprise number one is that I have been having contractions for about two weeks and I just thought Marlee was pushing around. So I was able to forgo the pitocin for awhile, which was nice. 

Once I was dilated to 3cm, I was able to have an epidural. I would like to have these available at all times. Why doesn't everyone get one of these?! Seriously fabulous stuff. I felt nothing for hours and my legs were warm and happy. I was able to sleep for a while and rest for the pushing marathon I was about to endure. 
This is how I knew we were getting close! 

So lets fast forward to 6:30 am Tuesday morning. I had been pushing for almost 4 hours and -surprise- they notify Nick and I that baby is sunny side up and slightly crooked. At this point, I was done. Exhausted. Pissed. Sad. Done. Doctor said that at 7 am, they would have to take her via c-section. As stated before, a c-section was my worst nightmare - more down time, surgery, pain, incision - all bad. At the time though, this was music to my ears! C-section! Yes! Please! Take her now! I was done! I couldn't push another minute. Physically, mentally, and emotionally done. It was the worst feeling. I had failed but I just wanted it all to stop. The damn BP cuff, the contractions, the back pain, the cheering, the heat - everything. At this time, the room was filling with people from surgery and people from NICU because -surprise- there was meconium in my amniotic fluid. My poor babe was as stressed as I was. 

At 6:55 am, Nick was still at my right side , holding my gargantuan leg while blotting my head with a wet towel. Thank God for him. He just kept reminding me that I did not want a c-section - which at the time I was begging for. He was the best cheerleader I could ask for. Supportive without being annoying and irritating - which after four hours of labor, everyone is on my shit list. He somehow convinced me to push on. With two doctors at the helm, a nurse to my left, and my husband at my right, I pushed. I pushed like someone was about to cut me in 5 minutes - literally. Marlee was born into this world at 6:57am. Three more minutes and I was going to be escorted to the OR. They delayed her cry for a minute so they could suction her  which in itself was scary as hell but it was over. I had Marlee in my arms within 20 minutes. And she was perfect. I know it's cliche to say, but she made it all worth it. My family was then able to come see her quickly - God bless you guys for your support! I know it was rough to listen to that ordeal from the outside! - and then Nick was able to hold her since I had to delay breast feeding till her respirations went down. 

Nick by the way was awake the entire 25 hours so looks so tired in this picture! But how beautiful this picture is to me <3 

Flattering pictures were not possible at this point but my face says it all. It was love at first sight. 

Baby Girl Hough had finally arrived! 

It has been a nonstop photo shoot ever since! 

Such an amazing journey. There is definitely so much to learn in the next couple weeks but I can say that a couple things are already evident. 

Breast feeding is a learning experience. Not as easy as I thought it would be! 

I better start keeping good records! I have to keep some of these papers forever! 

Headbands, hats, bloomers, even pants are completely useless and only get in the way of feeding and changing but I still put them on because its the cutest darn thing! 

And last but not least, labor was absolutely 100% worth it. She has given me a joy that is unexplainable. BUT when people say that once she is in your arms, you will forget all about the labor part - it is a bold faced lie. I don't wanna scare anyone but labor is not fun. Marlee will have a lot of making up to do in the next 18 years of her life. That's right Mar - you owe Mommy. 

Now back to motherhood and my 24 hour photo shoot! 
Thanks again to all those who have been so supportive the last week. It is hard to imagine how people go through this process alone. My family and friends have been amazing and I am proud to bring Marlee into this loving environment. I truly mean it when I say I could not have done it without each and everyone one of you! Lots of love!!


  1. Ahhhhh!!! Congrattsss!! She's adorableee :)

    1. Thanks Kerin!! I am just taken back by the whole experience!

  2. Arrrrr she's is gorgeous, enjoy every second xx

    1. Thanks Kirsty! And bless you for having twins - you're my hero!! haha

  3. Just love your blog! Congrats! Glad to see she's carrying on the beauty of the Carbone women :D

    1. Awe thanks Jenna. She is definitely beautiful. Now to see how much of the Carbone attitude comes with it :)