Monday, July 1, 2013

July Already!

Seriously where did June go?
July really is one of my favorite months but I was not quite ready for it yet. Can I have a redo of June? There are so many things I want to do just yet!
And of course Marlee Josephine will be here before I know it.
It is pretty bittersweet actually.
I have enjoyed this part of my life so much and am not quite ready to let it go. I almost feel selfish at times because I know I should be more excited about meeting her than about the actual pregnancy but it really has been such a joy. She is kickboxing as I type and I am going to miss this feeling. Sure my feet are the size of footballs, my back aches everytime bend over, I am lucky if I can put my socks on with the first try, and I pee every five minutes, but the perks of pregnancy more than outweigh the bad. I have even come up with some not-so-obvious perks.

37 weeks and 3 days - So large and happy

Perks of Pregnancy
  • Instant Conversation Starter - I am really good at making every small hello awkward. If we run into each other at Walmart, I will go out of my way to either avoid you or make you wish you had avoided me. Is is a gift I guess. Butttt since I have been pregnant, it makes these meetings so much easier. The bank lady for example; super sweet lady. Always chats me up. I have nothing to say. Ever. Then BAM - pregnancy came along. She asks how I am feeling and I can talk forever about how excited I am to meet Marlee. Then I can happily exit without feeling like I just ruined that poor tellers day with bad conversation. Number one perk of pregnancy - hands down.
  • Shaving - Ok now shaving is a pain no matter what stage of life you are in but I am a terrible shaver. I have been doing this for 15+ years and still cut myself on a weekly basis. Terrible, I know. Buttt with legs the size of small tree trunks, it is practically impossible to cut myself. Cankles are a razors best friend. When all bony prominices are covered by my swollen-ness, shaving is a breeze. And the days I do not shave, pregnancy is also a good excuse. Bam.
  • Strangers Hold Open Doors - Generally, people are not this nice to me so it is an added bonus of pregnancy that people smile and do nice things when they really do not have to. My arms have not been affected by pregnancy and they do still function quite well. I even had a guy the other day hold open the doors at Walmart for me. They are automatic doors and are no way like an elevator that they could close at anytime leaving me to wait for the next door. They open and stay open till I pass. I smiled politely though and thanked the kind sir.
  • Mixer is Never Out of Reach - This obviously does not apply to everyone but I have absolutely no storage space in my kitchen. We literally have half our appliances and pans in the closet in the dining room. My KitchenAid mixer is the favorite of my appliances though so gets stored right on top of the refrigerator (love, love, love my mixer!). Unfortunately getting it down during pregnancy has been quite the pain considering my usual method of just hopping on the counter like a little kid is no longer an option (and yes, I have tried). Luckily, Nick has become pretty handy in these desperate times and retrieves my mixer in one swift movement! No questions asked! This is a small perk but that darn thing is heavy - so a greatly appreciated perk. 
This list can certainly go on with some more obvious perks such as the pregnancy glow, the amazingly full hair, I can eat two pieces of cake without feeling guilty, and I get the occasional ankle rub (feet rub is not an option in this household). 

I have started my countdown till Marlee arrives at 20 days! My due date is July 17th but my last day of work is the 20th so I figured I can push for that day as her due date. A couple residents at work think I have dropped but I am pretty sure that she is still sitting up pretty high and is content with her home for now. I get some Braxton Hicks contractions maybe a couple times a day and even less when I am off my feet so nothing too exciting going on in there. 
Three more weeks!