Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green Thumb Momma

I finally had time to spend some of my day in the garden and I cannot believe how much the plants have grown! We added a little extra fertilizer two weeks ago and with all the rain we have been getting, the plants have flourished. The lettuce has given us at least 4 nice sized salads but that is about the extent of the edible veggies so far. I am optimistic that we will get some tomatoes soon! I did a little pruning and weeding and enjoyed being out in the sun. Marlee was happily sleeping in my belly while Brusco watched over us like he always does. 

This was the garden from June 19th. 

And the garden today. 
The picture is from a different angle but there is at least a foot difference in the tomato plants and the pumpkin plant is huge! 
Next year I am going to have to make the pumpkin mound bigger! The leaves are bigger then my hands! And my hands are quite swollen as you can see...

The tomatoes are maybe two feet tall. 
And little flowers are forming! Bring on the veggies! 

The broccoli has been pretty quiet but still growing taller by the day. The peppers are still maybe 6 inches tall but we have struggled to even make it this far. The seeds did not want to germinate and after starting new seeds, we finally have some progress! 

I am going to have to give the watermelon plant more room next year too because it is stretching into the grass. 

Brusco usually doesn't venture into the garden but I can't blame him for sniffing the pumpkin... It's a really fragrant plant! 

Shameless garden picture. Overalls and all! 

Oh I can't forget my basil! These little fellas are not in the garden but are going to need transplanted to a bigger container soon. 

After a little watering, the garden is ready to grow another day. It was nice to finally get outside and enjoy the sun while doing a little work. 


  1. What a lovely garden, keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work :D

  2. Thanks! I have so many recipes I want to make and can with my tomatoes and peppers so hopefully we get some results! I am already planning on extending the garden next year :)