Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eviction Notice

Nothing says I love you like a good ol' eviction notice.

Yep, I will be induced on Monday starting the most emotionally confusing day of my life. How can I be happy to push a babe out of places it is just not fit to go? It does not make sense. Yet, I am. Happier then I can even imagine. I cannot wait to meet Marlee and start this journey of motherhood.

Doctors appointment was much longer this time because they had me do a Fetal Non-Stress Test to measure Marlee's heart rate and movement. I had no fears though because this babe is constantly moving and kicking. Nick and I were able to listen to her heart beat for a whole half hour though which was music to my ears. So now is just the waiting game.

Appointment Summary
Blood Pressure: 120/60
Marlee's Heart Rate: 145
Weight gain: 1 lb
Induced: July 22nd
Goals: Be as ready as possible for Monday

After our appointment, I indulged in whatever Marlee's little heart desired for dinner.
I only have a couple more days to blame her for my appetite.
I really went all out too, as you can see. Pizza, corndogs, and french fries. Nick never complains when I do crazy dinners. I can appreciate that.

Now to cross a couple things off my 'Before Marlee Arrives' to-do list!


  1. Maybe she'll be born on my birthday!!! July 24th commmeeee onnnn Marleeee :D

  2. Oh I just saw your induction date was before then...I'm gunna go be sad now :(

  3. @Kristy - The countdown is so small now!! I don't even know what to do!

    @Kerin - I am going to be honest that I am hopeing not to be in labor for that long! haha But the article I just read said that it could go on for three days!! THREE DAYS! Where is this magical stork when I need him?

  4. Good luck for tomorrow, the big day when you'll finally meet your baby x

  5. Thanks so much Kristy! It was quite the experience and I am so happy to finally have her in my arms.