Monday, June 24, 2013



My first post as a blogger and I am having trouble writing. Not a good way to start it off! 

I suppose a small introduction is in order. I started this blog to post pictures and events in Marlee's life without flooding Facebook or Instagram with every little detail of her upbringing. I did this as a courtesy to others but also for my own benefit because I have a feeling it is going to be hard to pick just one picture to post - and why should I have to choose? Right? I also love to bake, sew, craft, and garden so this blog could really go any which way. 

The names Marisa. I would be the 'Me' in the title. Husband calls me Moss from time to time so I pretty much respond to either. 

Here I am!
Ok so that is a super glam picture of me on my wedding day. 

This one is a little more accurate. 
That would be two of my three sisters and I. Definitely a more proper representation of myself. Jeans. Hoodie. Hat. 

Ok now let's add 50lbs and introduce Marlee Jo. She is obviously the 'Marlee' in the title. I am 36 weeks in this picture and although she has not arrived yet, she takes up about 85% of my thoughts. She has definitely made her presents known. 

And of course my husband, Nick, will be a frequent flyer on this blog because he is stuck with me and my antics for the majority of the time.

Yay happy days!
Don't let this photo fool you. Yes we were ecstatic to be married but those smiles are also smiles of relief. Next marriage, I am eloping. (Just kidding - one and done!)
He really is my better half. 

Isaac is my stepson and the personality twin of his father.
Showing off Marlee's first toy and outfit. He was so excited to pick it out.

Awe, family pic. 

And last but not least, our family would not be complete without Brusco. 
He is my constant companion, considering he likes to lay around and eat as much as I do. 

Well that pretty much sums up the family. Less then four more weeks till Marlee arrives and then the real fun starts!

(Shout out to Wise Capture for my beautiful wedding pictures! It was a joy to work with such wonderful photographers.)

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