Sunday, June 30, 2013

Festival Season!

Today was a very productive, entertaining, and exhausting exciting day. It really was a perfect day with family and friends. We spent the first half of the day with the Zoar Family and we were able to see what having three little ones would be like! As hectic as I can see it being some days, I am sure there is never a dull moment - and I can not wait to have those moments with our family. Our visits are too far and in between but it seems like we just pick up right where we left off. I just wished they lived closer because they always have good tips for little ones which I am sure will come in handy the next couple of months. Marlee also was gifted a huge box of clothes, a swing, a jumper, two play mats, and an activity saucer! We did not really have any type of entertainment for her so I am looking forward to putting them all to good use. Thanks again Zoar and Christina! Now to find a place for all her new toys...

Our original plans were to head to the Akron Aeros game with Isaac but the weather did not want to cooperate. We decided to check out the Richville Festival which was a blast. I remember riding those rides when I was little but was pretty content with being pregnant and unable to ride. I wanted to scream for Isaac! They looked absolutely terrifying. He had a blast though and even won a stuffed turtle at one of the booths. All and all, it was a great time and I got some fun pictures. 

Nick rode this one too!

Isaac loved the trampoline!

I finished my Saturday night off with my giant legs and feet up on pillows! About 8 of them. 

Perfect ending to a Saturday night <3

Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hurray for Fridays!

Started my day off with lunch at Kozmo's Grille with the lovely Randi. We shared a Greek Pizza and I am now wishing I took a picture of it because it was phenomenal. Tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese, and caramelized onions on top of a delicious carb filled crust. It was nice to catch up and get some friend time in before Marlee arrives. My next trip to Kozmo's Grille will definitely consist of more pizza and hopefully a martini!

After a trip to the store, I returned home to see my headbands for Marlee had arrived!! I purchased them from Ellura Sage on Etsy and I could not be more pleased with the quality and colors!

Lots of colors for lots of outfits!

I even received this festive little clip for following on Facebook! 'Merica!

Brusco had to be my temporary model since neither Nick nor Isaac were very willing to try on the headbands for pictures. 

Such a pretty little puppy!! 
After Nick grilled some steaks for dinner, I was finally able to put my feet up and relax for the rest of my Friday night. Wolverine is on FX and some ice cold watermelon is calling my name. 
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ultrasound and Impromptu Shower

I have officially made it to 37 weeks which is technically full term! 
Hurray for Marlee and I!

We had an appointment yesterday for an ultrasound and tummy check to see how much my little peanut has grown. Nicholas was not able to make it because of work so my momma came along. It was a joy to be able to share this moment of my life with her. Even though Marlee is a scary skeleton baby on ultrasound, seeing her little spine, hands, and heartbeating was amazing - as always. I smile till my cheeks hurt during ultrasounds and listening to her heartbeat.

See her little skeleton face!
Arrows are pointing to her eyes.
Nick and my mom both think she has hair in this picture... I am not so sure. I suppose we will find out soon enough!
Marlee was measured (estimated) to be 6 pounds, 8 ounces - give or take a pound. So by July 17th, she will be between 7 to 9 pounds. I can manage to wrap my head around a 7 lb baby ... 9 lbs I am not so sure. My little chunker baby.

After the ultrasound, we had the usual check up. Although my doctor did not say the word diet... I am pretty sure I was put on a diet. Pregnant and diet are not two words which play together nicely. She said less pasta and bread (Hello! Italian baby here!), less pastries (Pastries? So chocolate cake is out?), and no more lemonade (She took away my lemonade!!). Marlee and I are going to waste away to nothing.

So to sum up my appointment:
Blood pressure: 117/72
Marlee's heartbeat: 151
Weight gain: 2 lbs
Marlee's weight: 6lbs 8oz
Uterus height: 36 cm
GBS: Negative
Goals: Stop eating everything I like

On a perkier note, my wonderful friends at work had an impromptu baby shower for me tonight! I should have known when Monica brought in meatballs for 'no reason' but this girl does not question free meatballs.

Apparently I am not as observant as I think I am considering these were made right under my nose.

Welcome Baby Marlee!

And of course food! (Don't tell my doctor!)

So very unexpected and generous. Love my co-workers.

Thanks to everyone involved. It meant a lot to the both of us. It is easy to forget sometimes how blessed I truly am to have such wonderful people in my life. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Addition

We added a new addition to our family this evening and it definitely was not the addition we have been waiting for! No, Marlee is still happily growing in my belly but I would like to introduce Scuba Steve!
Yes, he is in a giant bucket.
Nicholas and Isaac passed him on the road and decided it would be a good idea to bring him home. I am not exactly a fan of bringing stray critters home but he is kinda cute - for a turtle.
We did a little research and found out it is most likely a Midland Painted Turtle. They like a moist habitat so I am thinking we will make him a nice home until we release him back into the 'wild'. Turtles can live up to 40 years old which is a bit longer of a commitment then I am willing to take on. 

We also did a little experiment tonight! We attempted to make a bottle of Mountain Dew glow in the dark. The original pin is here:
And it is supposed to look like this:
How To Make 'Glow In The Dark'  Mountain Dew

We collected all the ingredients.
Mixed it all together.

Annnnd nothing. Not even a little glow. Bummer.

Scuba Steve was not impressed.

It might not have worked out the way we wanted but we had fun doing it. I also did some crafting today but after being short on fabric - AGAIN - I will have to save it for another post.

Marlee has been pretty quiet today. No contractions just some strong movement. Doctors appointment tomorrow with an ultrasound to see how big she is. Praying for a nice 6 pound babe! 

Monday, June 24, 2013



My first post as a blogger and I am having trouble writing. Not a good way to start it off! 

I suppose a small introduction is in order. I started this blog to post pictures and events in Marlee's life without flooding Facebook or Instagram with every little detail of her upbringing. I did this as a courtesy to others but also for my own benefit because I have a feeling it is going to be hard to pick just one picture to post - and why should I have to choose? Right? I also love to bake, sew, craft, and garden so this blog could really go any which way. 

The names Marisa. I would be the 'Me' in the title. Husband calls me Moss from time to time so I pretty much respond to either. 

Here I am!
Ok so that is a super glam picture of me on my wedding day. 

This one is a little more accurate. 
That would be two of my three sisters and I. Definitely a more proper representation of myself. Jeans. Hoodie. Hat. 

Ok now let's add 50lbs and introduce Marlee Jo. She is obviously the 'Marlee' in the title. I am 36 weeks in this picture and although she has not arrived yet, she takes up about 85% of my thoughts. She has definitely made her presents known. 

And of course my husband, Nick, will be a frequent flyer on this blog because he is stuck with me and my antics for the majority of the time.

Yay happy days!
Don't let this photo fool you. Yes we were ecstatic to be married but those smiles are also smiles of relief. Next marriage, I am eloping. (Just kidding - one and done!)
He really is my better half. 

Isaac is my stepson and the personality twin of his father.
Showing off Marlee's first toy and outfit. He was so excited to pick it out.

Awe, family pic. 

And last but not least, our family would not be complete without Brusco. 
He is my constant companion, considering he likes to lay around and eat as much as I do. 

Well that pretty much sums up the family. Less then four more weeks till Marlee arrives and then the real fun starts!

(Shout out to Wise Capture for my beautiful wedding pictures! It was a joy to work with such wonderful photographers.)